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Sexual Coffee (Early Morning Tension)

Isaac Hanson Fan Community
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome! If you're an Isaac fan, feel free to join and post away - just please take note of the few rules:

  Please stay on topic!
  Rumors - more often than not, avoid them. Use your judgement, be sure to mention that it is not confirmed. Anything deemed inappropriate will be removed.
  Feel free to post photos, give credit if applicable. If you have photos and need somewhere to upload them, feel free to contact me!
  If posting news, please state the source. Likewise, you may take news from here for message boards, websites, etc - but please credit the community!

*If you haven't figured out the origin of the community name, see the lyrics to "The Sun" by Maroon5.


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[View the GreatestJournal version of this community here. You may join both or just one, as fitted to your journaling needs!]