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Hello everyone!!

I am new to the community, but not new to Hanson! =) I've been a fan since they came out *sigh* that was a while ago....

Sooo... I’ll just post a little about me and such such... I'm 21 from Bellingham Washington. (anyone else around here??) It's hard to find any Fans in my town, and even harder to find Isaac lovers. That's why i love going to the concerts, (besides actually seeing Isaac perform!) to meet fellow fans. I've been to all three Seattle Hanson concerts. (yup i am one of the many screams you can hear on Live from Albertane.)

I'm joining this community just to have some fellow fans to talk to. Like i said, not very many people here that are fans. If you live near b'ham, lemme know! I’m kind of curious to see how many fans are still around these parts. =) that’s all for now!
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